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Brief introduction of magnesia carbon bricks producing


Magnesia-carbon brick is generally not burned products, the production process mainly includes raw material processing preparation, ingredients, mixing, molding, heat treatment. A. batching process: it shall be measured strictly in accordance with the requirements of particle size and ratio of formula, which is the most fundamental requirement.

As a batching personnel can first identify raw materials, correct skilled use of measuring tools; During the work, it is necessary to observe the changes of color, particle size, odor, concentration and hand feeling of the raw materials. The use of all particles, powder materials can not have damp, caking phenomenon, pay attention to rain, moisture. The fine powder below 1-0 should be double plastic moisture-proof packing. B. Mixing process: it is also an important process, because the molding performance of the mixed mud directly affects the quality of the brick. General requirements of feeding sequence: magnesia coarse particles, medium particles (3-6, 1-3, 1-0) -- phenolic resin -- graphite -- magnesia fine powder, additives. After the particles were added, the binder was added to mix at a low speed for a period of time to make the liquid resin adhere to the particles evenly. Then, graphite was added to make it adhere to the liquid film of magnesia particles through mixing.

After the mixing and extrusion, the graphite adhered to the shell of magnesia particles was pressed onto the particles, and part of the excess resin was squeezed out. At this time to carry out high speed mixing, otherwise it will make graphite floating on the material can not make good mud. Due to the good thermal conductivity of graphite, the heat capacity is small, and the heat capacity of magnesia coarse particles is large, so the friction heat generated during high-speed mixing is conducive to wetting graphite. Only when, after the completion of the above a series of operations to join magnesia powder and additives such as practice, continue to mix when the graphite, magnesia particles, powder and additives have been wetting, particles and the excess bond also basically all crowd out, at the same time, the graphite of magnesia particles outside parcel is relatively dense pressure onto the particles, mix to end.

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