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Basic refractory products for steel casting


Calcium magnesium product is one kind of basic refractory products, which is widely used in 60s in China. In 80s calcium magnesium product was replaced by magnesia carbon brick, because of magnesia carbon brick with cheaper price.

30 years later, calcium magnesium product becomes more and more popular now, which is widely used for stainless steel casting , and other high quality steel casting., Especially with strictly environmental conservation policy in china now.

At present, calcium magnesium brick mainly use for AOD furnace lining instead of magnesia chrome brick to cast stainless steel .

The reason why calcium magnesium brick can replace magnesia chrome brick used for AOD furnace lining is mainly because calcium magnesium brick can purify molten steel. What is more, calcium magnesium brick also with cheaper price than magnesia chrome brick, and also environment friendly.

Except calcium magnesium brick, calcium magnesium coating material and ramming mass are also widely used for making stainless steel casting tundish, which also get good performace and longer service life.

If your steel plant is casting stainless molten steel, and do not miss this cheap and good performance product.

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