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Application of refractory castable in different industries


Metallurgical industry, from iron ore sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, secondary refining, continuous casting until the rolling steel production, almost every aspect of the production of metallurgical furnaces and thermal equipment using refractory castable. Large blast furnace shell inside use the refractory coating materials, special parts of the bottom use the refractory ramming material, repair with refractory gunning materials and refractory pressure injection. the use of large blast furnace trench from alumina-silicon carbide refractory ramming material improved to refractory castable,The use of iron in the iron channel increased significantly.

In addition, blast furnace mud is also used unshaped refractory. The large hot stove top and furnace shell inside use of refractory coating materials, hot air furnace hot air valve lining commonly used refractory castable, Hot blast stove and hot air duct lining of blast furnace mostly used of refractory castable. Ignition ovens for iron ore sintering, holding furnace and a large pharyngeal lining, use of refractory plastic, refractory castable and refractory coating materials.

The application of refractory gunning is more in the steel-making, The applications of shing steel drum lining unshaped refractory is increased significantly, and gradually become the focus of development and application. In continuous casting used for continuous casting tundish lining and retaining slag weir plate. dipping tube used for secondary refining, the overall gun, vacuum degassing device within the punch-inch are all or part ues of the unshaped refractory. Unshaped refractories used for soaking furnace and reheating furnace in rolling mill production are the most widely used, the effect is most significant, refractory plastic and castable used for heating furnace around watercooled pipes have achieved good energy saving effect. The main use is refractory mud in the coking aspects, in addition, also used for CDQ furnace lining and coke oven door, flue,resistance wall and other parts.

In the nonferrous metallurgy industry, the unshaped refractory is mainly used in electrolyzer, lead-zinc closed blast furnace, aluminum reverberatory furnace, copper frequency induction furnace, copper smelting furnace, anode furnace, electrode furnace, converter and other important equipment.

Other industries, unshaped refractories ured for variety of induction furnace, salt bath furnace, heat treatment furnace lining and so on in machinery industry. In the energy chemical industry used for gas furnace, shale distillation furnace, atmospheric pressure furnace, vacuum heating furnace, ammonia synthesis unit and the two-stage conversion furnace and exhaust pipe and other parts. In addition, also used for general industrial boilers, power plant boiler lining. In the building materials industry, unshaped refractories is mainly used for cement rotary kiln lining and some parts of glass melting furnace.

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