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Application of mullite materials in rotary kiln


    Mullite aluminum silicate formation at high temperature minerals, the magnetization roasting rotary kiln lower process temperature, process characteristics of resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, mullite SiC composite prefabricated brick with mullite materials and silicon carbide material composition and mullite SiC castable method of composite masonry, at the same time refractory materials at high temperature with different proportions, to improve the thermal stability of refractory materials, delaying the ring material erosion of refractories and destructive effect, slow ring phenomenon, obtains a good application effect.
    Masonry of refractory materials has also been a corresponding improvement. The composite precast slabs by anchor is welded and fixed on the kiln body, between two rows of brick layer with light castable and wear resistant pouring material filling, ensure the integrity, stability and thermal insulation refractory. In building process, in order to prevent the kiln rotary kiln in emphasis, built after four rows of prefabricated brick, turn to the top and then laying four lines. After the completion, in turn rotary masonry.
    Through the above method, to ease the interaction of refractory materials and materials, delaying ring phenomenon. And the use of masonry composite prefabricated brick and abrasion resistant castable refractory material to strengthen the strength, processing node ring for refractory material damage, repair cycle is short. Through the practice, refractory maintenance cycle from 2 to March was extended to 1 year, improve the rotary kiln operating rate, with significant economic benefits.
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