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Application of monolithic refractories on industrial furnaces


Unshaped refractory material is a supporting material for building furnace, which can be divided into two categories: ramming material and casting material. They are widely applied on industrial furnace, mainly used in the furnace bottom portion, inconvenient construction part and masonry part of cooling element.

There are varieties of monolithic refractories, but the specific application on the flash furnace can be divided into four broad categories according to the chemical composition, such as magnesium chrome material, magnesium material, high alumina and clay. Structure of Flash Furnace is more complex, which need more monolithic refractories, the selection of material is based on using position, such as magnesium chromium castables is used on H-beam part, the connecting part can be built with magnesium chromium castable, magnesia castable or high purity alumina castable; in general part of the furnace, the magnesium chrome castables or magnesia castables are available according to the wall structure, in these areas, it requires better mobility. At the bottom of the furnace, magnesium chromium ramming mass is available to be used under the magnesium-chrome brick layer, clay ramming mass is to be used under clay bricks layer.

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