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Application of chromium corundum


Chromium corundum excellent because of their unique properties, extensive service in harsh high-temperature environment art, including non-ferrous metallurgy furnace, a glass melting furnace, the carbon black reactor, waste incinerators,etc.The corrosion resistance of aluminum-chromium refractories is better than that of corundum or silica-alumina refractories.Therefore, aluminum-chromium refractory materials are often used as lining materials in the key areas such as the small furnace of the regenerator, the target wall and the molten pool which are seriously eroded.

The aluminum-chromium refractory materials are used in the ultra-high temperature area of carbon black reactor, the chemical erosion area of reducing gas and ash, and the frequent temperature fluctuation area.Therefore, it is required that aluminum-chromium refractory materials for carbon black reactor should have the following characteristics:

(1)High refractoriness, higher softening temperature under load and lower high temperature creep rate;
(2)stability in a strongly reducing atmosphere;
(3)a strong anti-ash melting erosion;
(4)high temperature strength and anti-erosion properties;
(5)Good thermal shock resistance.

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