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Application and construction points of unshaped refractory


Unshaped refractories have a simple process. The production cycle is short, energy saving, low cost, good integrity when used, and it is convenient for mechanized construction.Unshaped refractory materials are classified into dense materials and thermal insulation materials. The true porosity of the insulation material is not less than 45%, which is indicated by the letter "Ge". There are many naming methods, which are based on the main chemical composition (mineral composition) of the entire mixture, and / or the aggregate properties that determine the characteristics of the mixture, such as high alumina, clay, siliceous, magnesium, spinel , Carbonaceous, silicon carbide, etc.

Unshaped refractory materials can also be classified according to their construction methods, and sometimes several construction methods are used simultaneously. Such as refractory castable vibration and pressure forming. The specific classification is as follows:

(1) Refractory castables are cast-molded materials. Dry vibrating materials and self-flowing castables are also in this category.

(2) Refractory ramming materials are formed by pneumatic picks or manual ramming.

(3) Refractory plastics are materials that are formed by tamping plastic materials with a tamping machine or pneumatic pick.

(4) Refractory spray paint is a material formed by spraying machine or pumping; if it is used for furnace repair, it is also called refractory spray feeding material; when flame spraying machine is used for furnace repair, it is called refractory spraying material. The material sprayed by the wet material pump is also called wet spray paint or pumped material.

(5) Refractory coating materials are materials formed or manually applied by plasterers and mortar pumps.

(6) Refractory projection material is formed by a projection machine.

(7) Refractory press-in materials are materials formed by pressure equipment such as mud pumps.

(8) Refractory mud or refractory mud. It is also made into fire mud, which is made of bricks or similar tools to build mortar materials for refractory bricks and prefabricated blocks.

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