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Application and advantages of acid proof brick

Acid Proof Brick Acid proof brick use quartz, feldspar and clay as main raw material. It is anti corrosion and acid proof material sinterred through high temperature kiln. It possesses features of high acid resistance, low water absorption rate, not easily be oxidized under room temperature, not easily be contaminated by media. The main component of acid proof brick is silica which is kind of Mullite formed by sintering under high temperature, which is a material with high acid resistance. Because its intensive structure, low water absorption rate, it can be resistant against any alkaline medium with any concentration, but it is not resistant to high temperature molten alkali. Refractory material acid brick containing 70% or more silicon dioxide. It is mainly used in chemical industries, such as ditch puzzle acid, acid wells, acid storage library and impacted ground that bears huge acid.
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