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Analysis of common problems and influencing factors in the use of ladle 2


1.2 Analysis of factors affecting the normal use of ladle

By consulting the relevant literature and combining the actual situation of the company's ladle, it can be analyzed that the cause of the low argon blow-through rate and the serious erosion of the ladle slag line is the improper use of breathable bricks.

The working principle of breathable bricks is that argon enters the molten steel through the slits of the breathable bricks, and floats into the molten steel in the form of bubbles, and then reaches the top of the molten steel, turns to the horizontal direction, and then flows back down the ladle wall. , So that the molten steel forms an internal circulation inside the ladle. This reciprocating circulation stirs the molten steel, and the air bubbles carry part of the inclusions to the surface of the molten steel to achieve the purpose of refining. The working environment of ventilated bricks is very harsh. It has been in a high-speed and high-pressure airflow environment for a long time, and it has been affected by the static pressure of molten steel for a long time. According to the analysis of the ladle that cannot blow argon gas, it can be found that some of the ladle vent bricks have penetrated the molten steel, and the molten steel has condensed and blocked the slit for a long time, resulting in a decrease in the blow-through rate. It is also found that some of the ladle is due to the molten steel. The erosion effect of the remaining slag after pouring (mainly the reaction of oxides such as CaO, SiO2 and Fe2O3 in the slag with the brick to cause the brick to erode), as the viscosity of the steel slag continues to increase, leading to the blockage of the slits and the amount of argon gas blown down , Affecting the blow-through rate.

Aiming at the problems of severe slag line erosion and frequent replacement, by analyzing the ladle with severe slag line erosion, it can be seen that the slag line erosion sites are mostly concentrated in the same area. According to relevant literature and research analysis, it can be concluded that the company's current The position of the ventilated bricks is a region closer to the center of the ladle, and related domestic studies have shown that the reasonable air supply position of the ventilated bricks of the ladle should be at the bottom center distance of 1 / 2R. Due to the poor gas supply position of the company, the molten steel was not evenly dispersed during the molten steel stirring process, but a part of the slag line was concentrated too much, and the same part was repeatedly washed, which caused serious erosion of the slag line. And had to replace the slag line again.

Aiming at the phenomenon that the ladle is too short, it was found through inspection of the relevant parts that the spiral masonry method was originally used. This masonry method caused the shortcoming of the ladle life, and this method was not conducive to excavation.

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