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Analysis of common problems and influencing factors in the use of ladle 1

1.1 Common problems of the main structure and use process of ladle 1The main structure of LF ladle

The main structure of the ladle consists of three parts. One is a metal shell and a trunnion welded from steel plates; the other is the ventilation position of the argon gas and the position of the steel outlet; the third is a refractory layer composed of three layers of refractory bricks inside the ladle.

Common problems during the use of ladle

The company's common problems in the use of ladle are:

(1) It is often encountered to replace the ladle caused by the argon gas blow. The replacement of the ladle will not only delay the smelting time, the process of replacing the ladle will also cause safety problems, and it will also cause the molten steel to inhale and bring in a part of the ladle. Inclusions increase the difficulty of smelting and increase the cost of smelting.

(2) The slag line is severely eroded, and the utilization rate of the slag line is low. Frequent replacement of the slag line will increase the smelting cost, and it is also not conducive to the normal progress of smelting. It is prone to molten steel accidents and brings certain hidden dangers to production.

(3) The ladle is relatively short and requires frequent replacement of refractory bricks.

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