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Analysis for EAF lining erosion


An EAF got 3000 heats service life of first lining, produces about 30000 tons, the furnace is in use process adopted wet gunning furnace wall and magnesia ramming material mat furnace lining protection operation such as slope, 1.7 Kg/t gunning material consumption, ramming material consumption by 2.3 Kg/t, refractory material cost 45 yuan/t, using ideal life has not been achieved, the analysis of lining refractories is as follows.

Lining refractory material in use by the scrap material impact loading, electrode arc radiation and reflection, chemical corrosion of molten steel and slag etc, especially at the interface between steel and slag, by high oxidizing slag (FeO content 25% - 30%) of the material permeability and chemical erosion, the graphite oxidation of magnesia carbon brick work, and form a loose organization of decarburization, high-temperature oxidation and decarburization, erosion is repeated, finally under heat and steel slag erosion in molten state and exfoliate and loss of electrode hot parts of the lining under the high temperature of arc radiation, furnace wall coherent oxygen lance lining erosion by local slag steel circulation area, Make this two area badly damaged the furnace lining erosion, furnace bottom and furnace slope with magnesia ramming material knot, the early stage of the knot imperfect and oven masonry furnace sintering is bad, magnesia loose defects existing in the working layer, under the effect of bottom blowing stirring, rich in iron slag infiltration and magnesia reaction of magnesium floating austenite, reduce the melting point of magnesia, accelerate the magnesia dissolution, at the same time, in the early stage of the furnace sintering inadequate by impact, vibration and impact loading, the furnace bottom forming local potholes, cause local area loss too fast.

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