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Advantages of tundish dry vibrating material


Tundish dry vibrating mix material has the dual advantages of thermal insulation board and coating, the advantages are as follows:

l. The corrosion resistance of molten steel and slag is strong, which greatly improves the service life of the working layer, can be poured for a long time, and reduces the cost of refractory materials per ton of steel:

2. The dry vibrating mix material is gradually sintered from the working layer to the permanent layer depending on the temperature gradient during use, and a dense structure is formed on the hot surface of the working layer. The density of the sintered layer is low, which is beneficial to the heat preservation of the tundish;

3. A small amount of shrinkage occurs during the sintering process, which is easy to turn over and disintegrate;

4. The construction is convenient, water-free construction, can be quickly baked or used directly without baking, which increases the utilization rate of the tundish and prolongs the service cycle of the tundish, thereby reducing the number of spare bags;

5. Since the dry vibrating material does not contain water, it can reduce the chance of secondary oxidation of the molten steel in the tundish, reduce the hydrogen absorption of the molten steel, reduce the pollution to the molten steel, and improve the quality of the steel billet;

6. Compared with spray paint and smear, the use of dry vibrating material can reduce the energy consumption of baking buns, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity; generally speaking, paint needs to be baked at 800-10004C for 2-6 hours. The dry vibrating material only needs to be baked at 200 to 300 Celsius for 45 to 90 minutes to cure the binder. The construction equipment is simple and the construction is convenient;

7. The service life of the dry vibrating material is long, generally more than 20 hours, and the highest is 60 to 70 hours, which greatly improves the labor productivity of the tundish maintenance process.

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