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Advantages of plastic refractory


Plastic refractory is used to wrap the bottom water pipe, it also can be applied to the top of the furnace, the burner brick, the soaking furnace mouth and the flue vault.

It has the following advantages:

1. High refractoriness
The refractory plasticity of aluminum silicate refractory plastics reaches 1750-1850 degrees, exceeding the clay bricks and reaching the level of high alumina bricks, which can be used in the direct contact with the flame.

2. Resistant to rapid cooling and heat
It is used in areas where the temperature changes drastically without cracking and peeling. For example, the furnace wall of the furnace mouth of the soaking furnace has a life span of only half a year to one year, and the use of refractory plastic can last for more than one and a half years.

3. Good thermal insulation performance
The plastic can have a lower thermal conductivity than the brick, so the heat loss is small, the fuel consumption can be reduced, and the furnace temperature can be increased.

4. Good slag resistance
It can resist the erosion of iron oxide slag, and the slag that falls on is not easy to bond and is easy to remove.

5. Good shock resistance and wear resistance
The walking beam used for the wrapping water pipe and the stepping furnace is not easy to fall off and damage.

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