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Advantages of exchangeable system via sizing nozzle


1. Applying the technology of exchangeable the sizing nozzle can avoid excessive casting speed and steel leakage accidents caused by excessive nozzle erosion.

2. Increase the number of single-ladle continuous casting furnaces, reduce excess steel in tundishes, improve slab yield and slab quality, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing benefits.

3. It can realize quick stop of pouring, re-starting of pouring and replacement of sizing nozzles with different apertures during the casting process, so as to adapt to the best matching of molten steel temperature, fluidity and casting speed in the later stage of casting, as well as the matching with the supply of molten steel in front of the furnace, and promote production Organizational balance and stability.

4. Improve the service life of the tundish, reduce the consumption of tundish lining refractory materials, baking energy, and manpower for laying the tundish.

However, the exchangeable system does not allow unlimited continuous use. Although the lower nozzle can be replaced, the upper nozzle cannot.

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