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Advantages of Building Ladle with Magnesia Carbon Brick


At the very beginning, clay brick is used for building ladle. However, as the ton steel consumption is high, it has been taken place by unshaped ramming mass. The integral ladle built with ramming mass was characterized with longer service life and lower ton steel consumption, and labor amount is also less.

However, some small steel plants cannot melting molten steel continuously, and with integral ladle it is neither convenient to handle nor convenient to replace well block. So if we still insisting on using ramming mass to build ladle, then energy waste will be huge. What is worse that the service life of a ladle will be only 8-10 heats, and bleed-out will happen frequently.

In order to solve those problems, Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co., Ltd. started to do some researches and then successfully manufactured magnesia carbon bricks. The magnesia carbon brick made by Changxing Refractory has the following characteristics.

Using fused magnesite, high purity magnesium sand and graphite as raw refractory material, and then through high-pressure molding and low temperature treatment finally we made the magnesia carbon brick . The bricks can be used for both ladle and EAF, and whose service life is not less than 100 heats for ladle, and 120 heats for EAF.

What is more, Changxing Refractory not only provides products, but also dispatches engineers to help clients build furnace to guarantee our magnesia carbon bricks reach the service life we just stated.

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