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A Big Change -- Yilong Refractory Has Renamed as Changxing Refractory


    A big change has taken place in August 18, 2014, Yilong Refractory is officially renamed as Changxing Refractory due to the largest investment from Changxing Refractory. And also, the full name changes from Luoyang Yilong Refractory Co., Ltd. to Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co., Ltd. In the meantime, Yilong Refractory, exchanges the place with Changxing Refractory, being one of the three subsidiary corporations.
    The name has changed while what will never change are our product quality and service. Changxing Refractory will take the responsibility of Yilong Refractory to provide customers with excellent services.
    Thanks for your longtime support and welcome to cooperate with Changxing Refractory! Changxing Refractory will not disappoint you!
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